TC Electronic - Level Pilot - Knob Feel Review

OK, I’ve had MANY requests for this Knob, and boy can I see why. This volume control is what Hi-Fi companies need to aspire to! I don’t quite understand how It simultaneously is light to move, but a heavy feel. The rotation can only be described as creamy. Congratulations TC Electronic, this is by FAR the best Knob I’ve had the pleasure of feeling! To all manufacturers, buy one now to copy from. To all consumers, buy one just to have on your desk as a stress relieving Knob… that’s what mine is for!

Palmer Pro Monicon - Passive Monitor Controller - Knob Feel Review

The wonderful folks over at Adam Hall knew they had a gem on their hands… So much so, they sent me this outstanding example of engineering to review. Zero Axial Skew, no play, metal material, awesome weight. I’m humbled to be in it’s presence! If I gave out star ratings it’d be 6/5. I can’t even think how it could be improved upon! 

Musical Fidelity M6I - Knob Feel Review
This review marks the first time a manufacturer has been so confident in their build quality, that they have personally brought me an amplifier to review. And right they are! The M6I from Musical Fidelity has a truly outstanding Knob Feel. Built from what feels like a solid block of heaven, the rotation is meaty. Axial Skew doesn’t exist. Quite possibly the best I have had the pleasure of feeling. Thank you MF for bringing me this outstanding piece of machinery.

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Sony STR-DN1040 - Knob Feel Review
Going into the Sony I was hoping they may have improved since my last review. Instead it’s gone in the opposite direction. This feels like a childs toy, incredibly cheap for such a product. They have clearly spent nothing on aesthetics for these new amplifiers. Rotation is either sluggish or too light on the volume and input respectively. I’m almost offended Sony value Knobs so little.

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Musical Fidelity A3.5 Amplifier - Knob Feel Review
Due to popular demand, here we have a lovely piece of Musical Fidelity kit. The A3.5 amplifier is as expected, an all round fantastic Knob Feel. So rather than gush about how awesome the feel is, I’ll just highlight the VERY minor flaws. The rim is a little on the sharp side, but nowhere near skin penetration. And at the extremities of the rotation, there is a little extra movement, as if the whole Knob mechanism is almost a little loose on it’s mountings. But, this is an unbelievable all rounder. True attention to quality.

(by KnobFeel)